Our Classes

Beginner 101 and All Level Jiu Jitsu 

We offer self defense, wrestling and primarily jiu jitsu to all ages and all levels. Our program is a no-gi style of jiujitsu that focuses on clinching and a clear path to a submission. The style was created after seeing high level jiujitsu players losing fights in MMA. The no-gi approach wasn’t dependent on grips of the gi, but rather over hooks and under hooks in the clinch. The lineage of our academy traces back to Jean Jacques Machado, Eddie Bravo, Josh Passini. Our head instructor has studied jiu jitsu for over a decade, and has attended seminars with the absolute best practitioners of our day. He is always traveling to seek higher knowledge, which is why our academy is competitive and wins gold, silver and bronze every single time we compete in larger metro areas such as Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis.  

Beginner 101 is the perfect class for a total beginner and All Level Jiu Jitsu is great for practitioners of every level from Beginner to Advanced students.

Kids Classes 

Kids Classes are a great way to bulleyproof your kids and help them build confidence and friendships. We offer classes every Monday and Wednesday for kids 6-13+. Level up through the kids jiu jitsu ranking system and learn valuable skills that will prepare your kids for the future! Kids must come ready to work hard and give it their best.  

Womens Program 10-11am Saturdays

Our women's program is an exclusive class for women 16+ to train in the comfort of their peers, and is lead by our blue belt Jenny Lynn. We believe all women should learn jiu jitsu as a primary  self defense system and this is a great way to learn and start your journey. We offer basic self defense, nogi jiu jitsu, and even teach some of the Gracie Combative curriculum and much more. 

Kickboxing/Muay Thai

We offer a growing program in kickboxing and Muay Thai with classes led by Grant Iciek. Learn the basics of foot movement, punching, kicks, and defensive tactics while getting in shape and having fun. We have bags, pads, and many other options for students to take advantage of with classes 2x per week and sparring after every session.  

Private Lessons

Private classes for individuals and groups.

Whether you're nervous to get started, want to improve your existing skills, or are looking for specialized technique... private lessons are a great options for all levels. Pricing ranges from $25 to $50/hr

Learn at your own pace and set your own goals, with coaches that are going to get your results! 

Message, text or call us for current rates and promotions.

Competition Class Fridays 7-8pm

This is our highest pace class with a heavy focus on competitors and advanced students. Less instruction and more rounds with escape rounds, situational sparring, passing drills, wrestling and more. This is a perfect class for experienced students who want to get ready for competition and to get in serious shape.  

8 Competitors and 8 trophies

CMSO 11 Chicago 

6 competitors 4 medals

Grappling Industries Chicago 

10 competitors 11 medals 

Grappling Industries Wisconsin Dells