Keweenaw Jiu Jitsu Academy

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Location: 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Chicago

What to expect:
Submission Only 
77.5-95% Submission Rate in 9 event history
No Stalling
No Advantages
No Points
3-7 Match Guarantee

Purple Belt + Referees
White/Blue Belt Brackets
Advanced and Absolute Brackets
Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

October Registration:$50
November/December Registration: $60
(No Cash or Paypal refund unless event is cancelled. Credit is given toward a future event)


We are a Submission Only event. It is important to note that more submission options are available to competitors than at traditional events. It is also critical that competitors educate themselves on all submission possibilities to give themselves the edge! Its important to always know when to tap.

There are no points or advantage points calculated for any positions or techniques in any given match. In the event that a submission is not obtained during the allotted time period in the finals, the match will go to overtime. Please refer to  the Overtime Page for further explanation of this mechanic which is unique to our style of Tournament.

Competitors are expected to make the weight they register for. Weigh-ins will all be SAME DAY as the competition! Again, weigh-ins are on event day at 11-12pm Central Time. If you miss weight you will be moved to the appropriate weight class, given that there is space, and if there is not they will be disqualified. All competitors will have 2 opportunities to make weight. The 2nd opportunity is their final weight. We will have 2 scales on hand. 

Competitors who arrive after 12pm to weigh in will be disqualified. For weigh ins we allow all competitors a 1 pound allowance.

Any communicable skin ailments (ring worm, impetigo, etc) will result in disqualification. Please do not bring infections to the mats for the health and safety of other competitors.

With most infractions of illegal moves, competitors will be reset and the perpetrator of the infraction will be reminded again of the rules. If the movement occurs again, the competitor will be disqualified. There are some illegal moves that are grounds for immediate disqualification and these will be covered in the rules meeting. Stalling will be warned 3 times. The 4th will result in disqualification from the match. 

The safety of our competitors and their guests are our top priority. With this in mind, any fighting  is grounds for immediate ejection from the event and disqualification of any associated competitors.

Keeping in line with the safety of our competitors, verbal and physical tapping together provide the referee and your opponent with your desire to stop the match. If you are in a submission, in pain, or need to stop the match, tap your opponent or the mat and verbally call out “tap.” A scream will be recognized as a tap and the match will be stopped to provide safety to our competitors. 

Illegal actions in all skill levels:

Finger locks/small joint manipulation 

Slamming of any kind

Neck Cranks without a choke

Scissor take-downs

Stand and spike/slamming

Illegal actions in WHITE/BLUE BELT level:

No Heel Hooks (unless both competitors agree verbally prior to the match. Referee will check in prior to starting) 

Finger locks/small joint manipulation 

Slamming of any kind

Neck Cranks without a choke

Scissor take-downs

Stand and spike

Bracket Style/Time Limits: 

Check Mate Exclusive Bracket system.

All competitors will be guaranteed to face 3-7 opponents in their weight bracket. 

They will be awarded points ONLY based on win, lose or draw.

Win=3      Draw =1      Loss = 0

The two competitors with the most points at the end of the prelim bracket will face off in the finals for 1st place.

There are NO POINTS within the matches themselves. 

Each match is submission only.

Each match will be 6 minutes for the prelims at purple+. 

Each match will be 5 min for white/blue belt.

And 7 minutes in the Finals for all levels.

If at the end there is no submission in the finals ONLY, we will follow "EBI style" OT rules.

Other Rules:

Teammates always face each other in the first round to avoid any stacking in later rounds.

In case of a tie for the finals, tie breaker will be determined by fastest total submission times.

(Call Stan with questions anytime at 906-239-0543)

Mens White/Blue Belt Registration

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Womens Registration

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Mens Advanced Purple+

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Absolute Brackets

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Closing Registration Early

In the days leading up to our tournament, we will monitor the number of competitors registered for the event in each weight class. If the number comes near or at capacity then registration may be halted. To announce we are close to capacity, there will be a post placed on our Facebook page. We will still allow limited registrations day of the tournament which will be subject to bracket availability.


Weight Brackets may be combined if they do not fill to capacity. 
Release forms will be provided on the day of event. 
Forms must be signed before competing.